501 Essential Backgammon Problems


Bill Robertie, a graduate of Harvard, systems´ analyst by profession and two-time winner of the Monte Carlo World Championships (not the only one like the book says!? - don´t forget Michael Meyburg) lives in Arlington, Massachusetts (U.S.A.). He is the author of the books Lee Genud vs. Joe Dwek, Advanced Backgammon, Reno 1986, Learning from the Machine, wrote several articles for Inside Backgammon, Anchors and other backgammon newsletters and is also author of some chess books as a former chess master. Bill Robertie owns "The Gammon Press" and has already published many best-sellers.

Robertie mediates backgammon basics and concepts in his writings with uncomparable clarity.


501 Essential Backgammon Problems was published by Cardoza Publishing, P.O. Box 1500, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276, U.S.A.(Phone 718-743-5229; Fax 718-743-8284; e-mail Cardozapub@aol.com) in 2000, written in English, soft cover bound, and has 386 pages.

Contents and Evaluation:

I think this is Bill Robertie´s best. I found no mistakes in a package of 501 problems on 386 pages. The explanations are short and clear. All in all an excellent book and the buy is a must not only but also because of the low price!

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