Backgammon: Master vs. Amateur Volume 1


Kit Woolsey from the USA is one of the leading experts in backgammon. He is the author of the books "How to Play Tournament Backgammon", "New Ideas in Backgammon" and the online backgammon magazine "GammOnLine"


Master versus Amateur, Volume 1 was published by Bill Robertie´s Gammon Press in 2000, written in English, softbound, and has 91 pages.


Contents and Evaluation:

Master vs Amateur contains an annotated match between Kit Woolsey and his online backgammon magazine readers. The comments help to find deep insights in the game and the way how experts think. The move by move annotations are detailed and answer all the reader´s questions most of the time. I found no mistakes by checking the problems.

Backgammon playeres of all flights can learn a lot from this book. The book is a clear take!

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