Oct. 5th to 8th 2000, Casino Seefeld – Hotel Veronika

Tournament Report by Harald Johanni

More than 100 players from 16 nations came to Seefeld to play the Austrian Open this year. The fully booked Hotel Veronika hosted and Ingeborg Wais and Peter Winkler organized this tournament for the second time. The participants were surprised by 10 centimetres of snow on Saturday morning and in the evening Sascha Ertl, Michel Serrero, Hans-Heinrich Stahl and Guido Flamigni tried to win the masters´ semifinals.

Trailing the 13-point semifinals by 10-11 Guido Flamigni doubled Hans-Heinrich Stahl and rolled the super joker double fours.

Semifinal Hans-H. Stahl (left) vs. Guido Flamigni (right)

He played the roll very aggressively (20/12* 6/2 5/1*) and was rewarded by a gammon win to win the semifinals by 13-11.

In the second semifinal Michel Serrero, trailing by 5-10 vs. Sascha Ertl, missed the correct play in a prime vs. prime game after rolling a 5-1

13-point match
Guido Flamigni (White) (10)-Hans-H. Stahl (Bl.) (11)
White to play 4-4.

Semifinal Sascha Ertl (left) vs. Michel Serrero (right)

Serrero (White) had to freeze the opponent´s 8-point by flexibilizing his back checkers (24/23), but he played 10/5 7/6. After 6-5: 9/3 8/3, making the 3-point without leaving a direct shot on the 8-point, Black won an important gammon to get to a 12:5 Crawford-lead. Sascha Ertl won the match by 13-6 and played excellently (due to Snowie: 1.7 error rate - world class).

In the final Sascha Ertl confirmed his good shape by winning over Guido Flamigni.

I like the tournament, but I wish that the matches get played up to more points in future (quarter finals have been 11-point matches).

13-point match
Michel Serrero (White) (5)
Sascha Ertl (Black) 10
White to play 5-1.

Masters (57):
Main: 1. Ertl Sascha (Germany) 2. Flamigni Guido (Italy)
3. Stahl Hans-Heinrich (Germany) 3. Serrero Michel (France)
Consolation: 1. Holm Morten (Denmark) 2. Schmuck Werner (Austria)
3. Tardieu Francois (France) 3. Baranyi Karl (Austria)
Last Chance: 1. Vetsch Rolf (Switzerland) 2. Liebe-Hartkort C. (Germany)

Champions (45):
Main: 1. Nepomniachtchi Jakov (Russia) 2. Bobenhausen St. (Germany)

3. Machulsky Anatoly (Russia) 3. Reisel Werner (Germany)
Consolation: 1. Mikulic Ivica (Austria) 2. Lederer Susanne (Austria)
3. Shevach Raviv (Israel) 3. Parlow Stefan (Austria)
Last Chance: 1. Zimmermann Jörg (Switzerland) 2. Schoop Torsten (Germany)

Festina Cup Warm Up (75):
1. Mamporia Boris (Russia) 2. De Bruin Martin (Spain/USA)

Superjackpot (16):
1. Tardieu Francois (France) 2. Mads Andersen (Denmark)

Team Event (Doubles) – (15 Teams):
1. Märtens Andreas, Born Andreas (Germany)
2. Riskin Leonid, Nepomniachtchi Jakov (Russia)

Ladies Tournament (9):
1. Howard Lise (USA) 2. Sonnabend Ingrid (Germany)
3. Tulan Yesim (Turkey) 3. Lederer Susanne (Austria)