County Cups 05/06 May 2001

Tournament Report by Michael Crane

Dod Davies Makes It Three In a Row

Main (64): Will Richardson, Dave Motley, Shaun Herd, Peter Christmas, David Nathan, John Slattery, Ian Tarr, Mardi Ohannessian, Bill Pope, Jeff Ellis, Shaun Herd (again), Rob Dean, Peter Wilson, Rodney Lighton, Mark McCluskey, Uldis Lapikens, Brian Lever and Mike Butterfield . . . are the eighteen players that have collectively failed to stop Dod Davies during his attempt to keep the County Cups Trophy for ever! For an unprecedented third time, Dod defended his title and swept the field once again to retain the trophy - a remarkable achievement by any standards.

The secret of his success is, after winning it once, is not to bring it back the following year. This saves the time and trouble of carting it back and forth - that, or else he's melted it down to make an ashtray out of it and can't bring it back.

Mike Butterfield put up a brave rear-guard action but in the end had to settle for just two trophies: Runner-up and Top Intermediate. John Clark and Bob Young both tied for 3rd place after each losing in the 2nd round.

Friday Knockout (12): What a difference between the British Open Friday knockout and this one. With only twelve entrants it was a quarter of the Open. But, this fact was of no consequence to Brian Lever. He fought his way through the rounds to the final against John Renicks whilst on the way devouring a pudding which he was unable to finish off in the restaurant. It was quite a feat, rolling and playing and spooning all at once! By the time he'd got to the final the pudding was gone and he could devote his entire attention to playing - which rendered him unstoppable as he emerged the winner leaving John as the runner-up.

Doubles (15): A couple of worthy team names this time, 'Live and Let Dice' and 'Simply Apauling' which was a nice pun in my opinion. One other, that tried to further the cause of equity erosion in Biba pool funds was 'Ban Equity Erosion' who, after a 1st round victory against 'The Hidden Surprise' was knocked out by 'Keep Equity Erosion' losing five nil . . . poetic!

Third time, winner, Dod dreams of his forthcoming 2002 victory (left pic). Mike Butterfield, Runner-up and Top Intermediate (right pic).

Old timers, 'Daddy & I' played well to the finals against 'Yorkshire Puddings' where 'Daddy & I' emerged as winners yet again (they have won under a variety of names in the past).

Finally. Sixty-four. What a lovely number when running a backgammon tournament. I was assured of a smooth, six-round tournament; and that is exactly what I had. I even had time to set up the video camera and record the final between Dod and Mike which will eventually appear as a JellyFish match file when I have the time to transcribe it. I urge you all to study it and learn how to tackle Dod when you next meet him in the County Cups 2002.

Oh, I forgot to mention the stiff competition we had this weekend. This was entirely due to an Asian Doctors Convention and the Viagra stand that was displayed just outside our playing room. As you might expect, we all were out there seeking free samples; after all, we’re only human. Mind you, I never saw one male member (Biba member, that is) lurking around the prostrate stand all weekend, but I did see a lot of them walk quickly by and take a reassuring feel of themselves in the process.

Mind you, I’m not too sure about taking that sort of stimulant, in my experience they don’t always work. For example, I once had a dozen oysters and only ten of them worked!