7th German Open
(Hotel am Kaiserbrunnen, Brakel, 1. - 5.11.2000)

Tournament Report by Harald Johanni

The finals: 
Dimitrios Pappas (left) vs. Johannes Levermann (right).

Almost 100 players gathered in Brakel to fight for the German Open´s trophies in three flights and the team championship in five days of backgammon around the clock.

The Masters had the fair best of three 9-point matches format with chess clock and Johannes Levermann suucceeded in getting to the finals by beating Ekrem Basdas from Bielefeld in the semifinals late on the Saturday evening. In the other semifinals Dimitrios Pappas won two games in the decisive match against Harald Johanni after he had less than 10% winning chances on the 4- and on the 2-cube and got his chance by winning the semifinals to take revenge for the Prague´s semifinals loss against Johannes Levermann.

The first match of the finals on Sunday Dimitrios Pappas (according to Snowie´s analyzes) played world class level and Johannes Levermann "only" expert level - but Levermann won. In the second match Pappas was more concentrated on rolling than on playing well and won.

So the third match had to decide.

9-point match
Dimitrios Pappas (3) (B) - Johannes Levermann (1) (W)
White on roll (owning the cube on 2). Cube action?!

Trailing the 9-point match by 1-3 Johannes Levermann missed a redouble and Dimitrios Pappas tossed out the (6-1) joker in the following roll to win the game to take a 5-1 lead.
Johannes seemed not to forget about the missed redoubling chance and lost the match by 5-9.
So the pleasant Greek got his revenge and won the German Open by a fine performance! Congratulations Daggi!

It was a pitty that the German´s main event of backgammon was not attended by more players. The perfect organization and the hospitable hotel had deserved more!

Hope to meet you all in Brakel next year!

The 7th German Open´s results in total:

Masters (37)
Main: 1. Dimitrios Pappas (Nürnberg) 2. Johannes Levermann (Dortmund)
3. Ekrem Basdas (Bielefeld) 3. Harald Johanni (Nürnberg)
Consolation: 1. Thomas Zimmer (Berlin) 2. Ronald Reinhardt (Ulm)
Last Chance: 1. Werner Hertel (Nürnberg)

Championship (44)
Main: 1. Jakov Nepomniachtcki (Rus) 2. Martin Nadoll (Germany)
3. Vincent Versteeg (NL) 3. Anatoly Machulsky (Rus)
Consolation: 1. Norbert Lisiecki (Germany) 2. Marcel Molderings (Germany)
Last Chance: 1. Peter Winkler (Austria)

Intermediate (15)
Main: 1. Jochen Wege 2. Paata Svanidze (Rus)
3. Marianne Husum (Norway) 3. Herbert Guggemoos
Consolation: 1. Fritz Kritter 2. Edith Afchani
Last Chance: 1. Evelyn Siebrecht

Blitz 50: 1. Norbert Lisiecki 2. Nodar Gagoua (Russia)
3. Sven Rümcker 3. Stefan Bobenhausen

Blitz 20: 1. Thorsten Wottrich
Super Jackpot:
1. Nodar Gagoua (Russia) 2. Dirk Schiemann

Team Event:
1. BNW - Jerzy Behnke, Martin Nadoll, Rainer Witt
2. The Pigeons - Igor Kaplanski, Hans-Heinrich Stahl, Matthias Strumpf