Hilton Trophy
2/3 June 2001

Tournament Report by Michael Crane

Main Winner Michael Brereton

Finalist Martin Hemming

Consolation Winner John Clark 

Consolation Finalist Tim Mooring

Last Chance Winner Simom Macbeth

Main (64)
Once again, a perfect number of entrants. I could get used to this! Once the draw is made off it goes and all I have to do is write a few names in the boxes now and again. Easy peasy!
One name that appeared more than most was 
Michael Brereton. Michael flew over from his home in Dublin for the tournament and this proved to be a worthwhile flying visit as he triumphed over Martin Hemming in the final.
This was Michael's second tournament win, his first being the 1998 Sandy Osborne trophy; and it was Martin's first, but not his last I'm sure.

Consolation (60)
This time both our finalists appeared from the Progressive side, Tim Mooring via the Main 2nd round and John Clark via the Main last eight.
Tim won the Hilton Main in 1998 but this time he had to settle for Runner-up in the Consolation losing to 
John (again!, as Tim remarked) in the Final. John has a fascinating history in the Hilton Trophy: In 1999 he won the Suicide, in 2000 he won the Last Chance, now he's won the 2001 Consolation; so, any bets on where this progression will take him in 2002?

Last Chance (44)
New-comer (playing in his second Biba tournament), Simon Macbeth relegated Kevin Stebbing into second place as he held aloft the Last Chance winner's trophy. Simon was a late entry, running into the playing room in the wake of Dod Davies with just minutes to spare, but the effort of the hectic journey was worth it, as was evident from the joy on his face upon receiving his trophy.

Last Chance Finalist Kevin Berry 

Suicide Winner Colin Laight and finalist Helen Helm-Sagar 

Sportsmanship Trophy Winner Rosemary Bensley 

Friday KO (22)
Rosemary Bensley cleaved her way through all her male opponents to beat Kevin Stebbing in the final. Her reward for this was the free weekend and free entry into the £25 pool.
This is the last time a free pool entry will allocated to a Friday Night winner (and runner-up) as those present this weekend voted overwhelmingly to change it to a guaranteed bye in the next Main knockout entered. John Clark gave a great cheer and punched the air in a gesture of victory which was curtailed by my warning that extended gloating would result in being barred!
With effect at the Karen Di Bona Memorial Trophy, this new arrangement will be in force. I must be getting soft now I'm a grand-dad!

Doubles (16)
Not a lot of new/apt names this time. Only one stands out, and that was the name of the winners, "Precision Dai's", which for a couple of Welshmen was a good name and worthy of note. They beat an old favourite of mine, "Wignail & I" in the final.

Sportsmanship Trophy 2001
As mentioned in Bibafax No.55, the voting for this prestigious trophy took place over the weekend. Sponsor, Dod Davies once again donated a beautiful trophy and £100 to the winner. This year it was won by Rosemary Bensley. It was a very close battle between three nominees but after all the votes were counted Rosemary pipped her rivals to the post. When asked what main attribute she thought was a deciding factor in her victory she said modestly that being actually present at the tournament when her two main rivals were absent was her greatest asset! In conclusion the weekend passed without incident (in fact they are in danger of becoming boring for me - I need some controversy to test my mettle, I need some confrontation to get the adrenaline pumping). The only bright bit was seeing Roy Holland's new moustache; if you got close enough, that is!

Main: 1.Michael Brereton  2.Martin Hemming
3.Paul Martin  3.Tony Lee  5.Uldis Lapikens  5.Rachel Rhodes  5.John Clark  5.Roy Hollands
Consolation: 1.John Clark  2.Tim Mooring  3.Mike Grabsky  3.Gavin Crawley  5.David Nathan  5.Marc Steyvers  5.John Slattery  5.Rachel Rhodes 
Last Chance: 1.Simom Macbeth  2.Kevin Berry  3.Paul Gilbertson  3.Harry Bhatia  5.Richard Granville  5.Albert Tinker  5.Paul Sambell  5.Tony Fawcett

Suicide!: 1.Colin Laight  2.Helen Helm-Sagar  3.Jeff Barber  3.Emmanuel Di Bona  5.Elliot Smart  5.Kevin Stebbing  5.Roy Hollands  5.Lawrence Powell
Friday Night KO: 1.Rosemary Bensley  2.Kevin Stebbing  3.Peter Bennet  3.Michael Crane  5.Lawrence Powell  5.Uldis Lapikens  5.David Nathan  5.Roy Hollands
Doubles: 1.Precision Dai's  2.Wignail & I  3.Tale of Two Cities  3.Balkan Bandits