Jarvis Trophy
10/11 February 2001

Tournament Report by Michael Crane

Main (70):

In my opinion if you are a good enough player to give a seminar and attract a room full of your peers then you are good enough to win the tournament; and, as it turns out, I am correct!

Paul Lamford, after giving the first of his Biba and Mind Sports Worldwide sponsored seminars, went through the field winning six consecutive matches and walked away with the trophy after beating John Clark in the 6th round. This is the second time that Paul has won this trophy, the first time being in 1966, and it was his 5th Biba tournament title - No wonder he's writing books and giving seminars!

Peter Bennet walked away with the Top Intermediate Trophy, a feat that surprised him as he was sure he was above Intermediate level (for details on how we establish the Championship, Intermediate and Beginner levels see Bibafax No.54). Mind you, his 3rd position will certainly propel him into the Championship level for the next tournament.

Doubles (16 including buybacks):

It's always nice for me to know why teams choose their names, sometimes the reasons are very clever sometimes stupid. What do you think to this reason? Windows chose their name because one member sold them and the other used them on the calendars he produced! Very tenuous. Mind you, their windows weren't clean enough to see them through to the final, Oh No. It's Peter! shut them out in the 2nd round; and they then went on to lose to the Arrdon Erection Co. in the semis. Hat & Bonat (a nice play with names) fought their way through Thelma & Christmas, Teddy Tubby Twins, and Manchester Mayhem to face the Arrdon Erection Co. in the final. Here, the Arrdon became Softon as the Hat & Bonat were pulled over their eyes and they had to settle for 2nd place. Well done, Hat & Bonat.

Friday Knockout (16):

Rosemary Bensley, one of two female entrants, showed her mettle as she cleaved her way through the strutting males to face Tony Lee in the final. Tony was having nothing to do with her and emerged smiling from the encounter as he swept to victory leaving Rosemary with 2nd place.

Overall, the tournament was a great success; especially the seminar. Paul will be at the British Open in April with the second of the series, so make a note in your diaries. The tournament passed without incident . . . but not without comment. John Slattery appeared wearing his latest waistcoat and sunglasses. Sporting a few thousand sequins (all hand sewn) it sparkled like a super nova. It wasn't John that required sunglasses; it was us!

Jarvis John Slattery

Winner Jarvis Paul Lamford

Top Intermediate Jarvis Peter Bennet