6th Kaiserbrunnen Cup

(Hotel am Kaiserbrunnen, Brakel/Germany, 27. to 30. July 2000)

Getting into the master´s field of the 6th Kaiserbrunnen Cup by a quarter entry, a young chess player from the Netherlands, Peter Gelpke almost beat all the top German players. Only Johannes Levermann, the player who was famous for his high losing chances in past finals (see report of Prague) up to this day could stop him in the finals.

Peter Gelpke beat Dirk Schiemann (#1 of the Backgammon Magazin´s ranking list) in the quarter finals by 17-8 and won a tough match vs. Peter Heitmüller (#4 of the Backgammon Magazin´s ranking list) in the semi finals.

Johannes Levermann who won over Volker Sonnabend in the semi finals was really hot in the finals and Peter Gelpke lost by 19-3. Johannes Levermann also won the Blitz 50 and lost only one match in the super jackpot´s final against Michael Schmidt.

Congratulations Johannes!

The Finalists
Peter Gelpke (left) and Johannes Levermann (right)

Peter Gelpke helped Johannes Levermann getting strong by four wrong cube decisions in the first four games (two incorrect passes and two incorrect takes). The man from the Netherlands didn´t recover from trailing by 0-6 that fast. Here is the diagram of the first game´s doubling position.

This is a classically holding game position with not that high racing chances (because Black leads by 20 pips), but with good chances for getting a shot. White doesn´t lose many gammons in this stable position and therefore has a clear take. Gelpke passed this stable position and took some instable, fast got the trailer and lost in the end by 3-19.

19 point match
Levermann (0) Gelpke (0)
(Black) (White)
Black on roll . Cube action?!

Results of the 6th Kaiserbrunnen Cup:
Masters (49):
1. Johannes Levermann, 2. Peter Gelpke (NL), 3. Peter Heitmüller 3. Volker Sonnabend
1. Werner Hertel 2. Matthias Körner
Last Chance:
1. Klaus Schicks

Champion (32):
. 1. Klaus Bergmann 2. Wolfgang Tönnies
3. Hans-Peter Janzen 3. Vincent Versteeg (NL)
1. Manfred Hubert 2. Jimmy Anywar
Last Chance:
  1. Alexander Mentrup

1. Charlie Gouw (NL) 2. Frank Baumgarten
3. Carsten Schweigert 4. Evelyn Siebrecht

Super Jackpot:
1. Michael Schmidt 2. Johannes Levermann

Blitz 50:
1. Johannes Levermann 2. Dirk Schiemann
3. Mario Kühl 3. Wolfgang Griese

Minigolf: Chris Ternel
Bogenschießen/Archery: Volker Sonnabend