Keren Di Bona Memorial Trophy 

(7/8 July 2001)

Although this was a sad occassion for Emmanuel Di Bona, playing in the first tournament dedicated to his wife's memory, he was determined to try his best to make the finals. And, it would seem that Keren was watching over him as he cut a path through five rounds to take a place opposite Roy Hollands in the final.

Mind you, Roy nearly didn't make it. He had a very tough semi-final game against Brian Busfield and in the end it went to DMP. Emmanuel was rooting for Roy as he wanted his friend and doubles partner to share the 1st & 2nd placing with him - preferasbly in that order.

The final was always leaning towards Roy, and, despite a determined affort to walk away with his own trophy, Emmanuel had to be content with the Runner-up prize. He wasn't too dissappointed, as he had always said that if he couldn't win it he'd prefer Roy to do so.

Look at the picture of the duo. Successful doubles partners for a long now, and now sharing a special moment. What strikes me about this picture is the way that age affects hair growth - it would seem that as you get older it stops coming out of your head and starts emerging from your face!


Bill Spiers travelled all the way from Scotland to the tournament and his journey continued within the Consolation to the final. Here he faced John Gale who took a shorter route via London and the Progressive side. Obviously the shorter journey meant John was fresher and not as tired as he prevailed and left Bill holding the Runner-up trophy.


Last Chance(32):
Continuing the theme of finals being played by doubles partners, Mike Wignall and Peter Bennet sat on opposite sides of the board for a change to see who was the stronger partner! Mike proved HE was and took the winner's trophy leaving Peter the Runner-up.

I'm not too sure whether Peter tried to beat him or not as there has been speculation this tournament that Mike might well be JJ, a hit man in a best selling book written by his brother, Kevin, called, "People Die." When confronted by the question, "Are you JJ?" Mike has repeatedely answered, "No", but then he would, wouldn't he?

Just for a change this final wasn't between an established doubles team but it was between established friends; Dave Motley and Steve Simkin. Rarely seen at tournaments on their own, they have always been a job lot - two for the price of one! But, when it came to the crunch, friendship was thrust aside as Dave stormed ahead to leave Steve reeling and holding the Runner-up trophy.

Friday Knockout(28):
Lionel Stinnerman left home in Coventry on Friday evening fully expecting to be home later that night safely tucked into his own bed. Instead, he spent the night (and the following) sprawled in a kingsized bed at the hotel courtesy of winning the final of the knockout against Paul Gilbertson.

Doubles Knockout (10+ 3 buybacks):
As usual the quest for apposite or witty names continued: Stubble Trouble, Ooh That Smarts and Eyefull Tower being good examples; Two Filthy Lezzas and Hilton Telephone Notes being poor ones.

The evntual winners were Dog Fight Duo who beat Negative Equity in the final. Remarkably the Negatives only lost two points in the entire competition - one on their way to the final and the 1-point final!

Finally: Once again, from a directing viewpoint it was another boring tournament - not one dispute or disagreement to test my mettle. Where are all the contentious players nowadays?

Results of the Keren Di Bona Memorial Trophy:
Main (50): 
1. Roy Hollands 2.
Emmanuel Di Bona 3. Albert Tinker 3. Brian Busfield 5. David fall 5. Hubert d'lepine 5. Kevin Stebbing 5. Paul Gilbertson

1. John Gale 2.
Bill Spiers 3. Hubert d'lepine 3. Sarah Rosich 5. John Slattery 5. David Fall 5. Paul Lamford 5. Elliot Smart

Last Chance(32):
1. Mike Wignal 2.
Peter Bennet 3. Peter Chan 3. John Wright 5. Rosemary Bensley 5. Julian Minwalla 5. Jeff Ellis 5. Uldis Lapikens

1. Dave Motley 2. Steve Simkin 3. Simon K Jones 3. Jeff Barber 5. David Startin 5. John Frame 5. Andrew Sarjeant 5. Rosemary Bensley

1. Dog Fight Duo 2. Negative equity 3. Ooh That Smarts 3. New & Old

Friday Knockout(28):
1.Lionel Stinnerman 2.
Paul Gilbertson