12th Nordic "Wide" Open
(20th – 24th April 2000

Tournament-Report by Harald Johanni

The 12th Nordic Wide Open was hosted by the Scandic Hotel in the center of Copenhagen for the second time. Situated two blocks from the central station (train service to the airport available), aside a little lake, opposite to the Tycho Brahe planetarium the hotel is an ideal home for this mega tournament.

Although the big attendance of the players from over the sea was missing this year, because Las Vegas also had a big backgammon tournament in the following week, the DBF´s tournament had over 400 players as usual.

Like Mike Svobodny, the Dane Peter Jes Thomsen succeeded in winning both the biggest tournaments in Europe: The World Championship in Monte Carlo in 1993 and  the Nordic Open in 2000.

Peter doesn´t play any more that many backgammon as in former years but his big experience in competitions made him win match after match.

Peter Thomsen´s opponent in the semifinals, Michael Fardan defeated Harald Johanni and Elliott Winslow very easily in the rounds before. His opponents scored only 9 points in addition.

Nevertheless, in the semifinals Peter Thomsen got the much better start by taking an 18-5 lead. Afterwards Michael Fardan remembered how easy it was to score points in the rounds before. He recovered and 10 games later he trailed the 23-point match by 19-20.

By leading 21-19 Peter Jes Thomsen showed his match experience by doubling a position that normally is too good to double, because the position has match winners by winning 8% undoubled gammons. Apparently he knew that Michael Fardan will take the pass, because in match equity terms double-take is better for him than wait doubling.

After double-take and redouble Peter Jes Thomsen cleared his outfield points by rolling double fours and qualified for the finals.

Steve Wood from Great Britain, who reached the quarter finals the year before, this year succeeded in reaching the finals by beating Andy Rubien from the United States in the semis.

The final between Steve Wood and Peter Jes Thomsen was televised in the big tournament hall and was commented on by the World Champion 1991 & 1998 Michael Meyburg. 

Peter Jes Thomsen Steve Wood

The 25-point match found its preliminary decision in game #5 after Steve Wood´s redouble to 4.
Steve Wood correctly redoubled to 4, missed to close the board by 17 numbers, got hit by a joker (6-5) and lost a gammon.
Steve Wood did not recover from this 1-15 trail and lost by 3-25.
Peter Jes Thomsen showed that he is one of the best players in the world still and earned to win the Nordic by cool and experienced play.

Another winner at Copenhagen was the DBF that organized the Nordic Open perfectly as usual. Hope to see you all again 2001 in Copenhagen!

Semifinal: Peter Jes Thomsen (left) vs.
Michael Fardan (right).

23-point match
Thomsen (21)
(White)      Fardan (19) (Black)
White on roll. Cube action?!

The semifinal: Andy Rubien (left) vs. Steve Wood (right)
Daniel Murphy (middle) recorded the match.

25-point match
Wood (1) (White) - Thomsen (7) (Black)
White on roll. Cube action?!

Championship (99)


1. Peter Jes Thomsen (Denmark)  

2. Steve Wood (UK)


3. Andy Rubien (USA)

3. Michael Fardan (Denmark)


1. Dirk Schiemann (Germany)

2. James Vogl (Denmark)


3. Niels Frey

3. Elliott Winslow (USA)

Last Chance:

1. Dogan Nevzat (Turkey/Denmark)

2. Hans-Heinrich Stahl (Germany)




Advanced (93)


1. Halvor Losnedahl

2. Klaus Switon


3. Henrik Thrue

3. Kasper Andersen


1. Morten Nielsen

2. Kevin McDonough


3. Peter Friberg

3. Patrik Thelin

Last Chance:

1. Hannu Lyyjynen

2. Detlev Stolz




Intermediate (98)


1. Bjarne Tolstrup

2. Clifford Phillips


3. Joran Jansson

3. Tanja Lewis


1. Peter Switon

2. Flemming Nielsen


3. Anders Skajalde

3. Soren Andersen

Last Chance:

1. Joel Sundberg

2. Kirupa Selva




Novice (80)


1. Paw Christiansen

2. Joachim Kreutzfeld


3. Henrik Skejelmose

3. Margrethe-Louise Pedersen


1. Lennart Straarup

2. Peter Kühne


3. Bjorn O. Rasmussen

3. Jakob K. Jorgensen

Last Chance:

1. Maibritt Rormand

2. Dina Hansen




Beginner (28)


1. Jess Danielsen

2. Tommy Andersen


3. Torben Rasmussen

3. Svend-Erik Schmidt


1. Flemming Petersen

2. Jens Chr. Blem


3. Maria Krebs

3. AnnieFriberg

Last Chance:

1. Jan Lund

2. Marlene Adlev Hansen




Super Jackpots

7000,- DKK 
7000,- DKK 
3500,- DKK
3500,- DKK 
3500,- DKK  

Winner: Elliott Winslow
Winner: Mario Kühl 
Split: Jes Bondo/ Navidi
Split;: Ed Rogers/Bob Glass

Winner: Ed Rogers