13th WBF European Backgammon Championship
11th Mitteleuropa Backgammon Tournament

August 27th - September 2nd, 2001
HIT Hotel Casino Park - NOVA GORICA (Slovenia)

Tournament Report by Harald Johanni

More and more the former tip for backgammon insiders the European Backgammon Championships got a mega event. 184 participants made a new record in Nova Gorica and the tournament deserves even more attendance. Tournament director Marco Fornasir provides the backgammon community at Nova Gorica with the highest number of goodies in Europe: Many warm up tournaments (no entry fee), added money, same weight same wine for the winner, perfect tournament boards, a WBF polo shirt for each player and an incomparable prize giving dinner with music, wine and excellent food. It┤s a party! Mark your calendar for next year┤s European Championship September 6th to 8th, you won┤t regret it.
Roberto Terenziani (left) vs. Franšois Tardieu

Franšois Tardieu at the prize giving with cups and wine.
In the end it was an absolutely perfect tournament, because it got a worthy European Champion. Franšois Tardieu from Paris won the finals against the tough Italian player from Reggio Emilia, Roberto Terenziani. The Frenchman played on an absolutely high level (about 3 according to Snowie: World Class) and in his calm way he is liked by all backgammon players.
Standing from left: Roberto Terenziani, Lorenzo Lagana, Francois Tardieu, Christian Liebe-Harkort, Jerzy Behnke, Lawrence Powell, Simone Gasquoine. Sitting: Marco Fornasir, Akaki Kikaleishvili, Joel Schiff).
Results in total from Nova Gorica:

Master Flight (62)
1. Franšois Tardieu - France 2. Roberto Terenziani - Italy, 3. Lorenzo LaganÓ - Italy 3. A. Kikaleishvili - Georgia
1. Joel Schiff - Israel 2. Simon Gasquoine - U.K., 3. Christian Liebe-Harkort - Germany 3. Lawrence Powell - U.K.
Last Chance:
1. Jerzy Behnke - Germany 2. Armando Balbi - Brazil

Champion Flight (62)
1. Ingrid Sonnabend - Germany 2. Giuseppe Ba¨ - Italy,  James Bass - U.K. 3. Antonio Fini - Italy
Consolation: 1. Horst Ernst - Germay 2. Elena Grigore - Rumania/Italy, 3. Alfredo Sperti - Italy 3. F. Perinelli - Italy
Last Chance: 1. Stefanie Rohan - Ukraina/Estonia 2. Rolf Vetsch - Switzerland

Intermediat Flight (60)
Main: 1. Davide Gollin - Italy 2. Wai Mun Yoon - China/ U.K., 3. Mihai Raducanu - Romania/Italy 3. M. Soster-Italy
Consolation: 1. Marco De Bortoli - Italy 2. Louis Zanga (USA), 3. Stefano Catani - Italy 3. H. H÷llriegel - Germany
Last Chance: 1. Alberto da Pra - Italy 2. W. Landolt - CH
Ladies Prize: Bambi de Bruin - Germany/Spain

Super Jackpot (8)
1. Piergiorgio d'Ancona - Italy 2. Kazuhiro Shino - Japan

Warm-up Memorial Heiner Haussleiter (85):
1. Walter Jarc - Canada 2. Roberto Terenziani - Italy

Sperti Trophy
1. Maria Croce - Italy 2. Piergiorgio d┤Ancona - Italy

Worldwide Backgammon Federation (WBF)
13th European Championship 2001
European Champion - Master: Franšois Tardieu (France)
European Champion - Champion: Ingrid Sonnabend (Germany)
European Champion - Intermediate: Davide Gollin (Italy)

14th Italian Championship 2001
Italian Champion - Master: Roberto Terenziani (Reggio Emilia)
Italian Champion - Champion: Giuseppe Ba¨ (Venezia)
Italian Champion - Intermediate: Davide Gollin (Udine)