Oslo Open
Vika Atrium, 19 – 21.05.2000

The report states that players from 7 countries entered,
but as Dag Ekmark has officially moved to Spain this should really be eight.

The JellyFish sponsor prize was awarded to the winner of the intermediate flight, Svein Dybvik. The three sponsored BG boards were awarded to both
finalists of the beginner flight, and to one beginner player drawn at random. We wish to thank our sponsors for contributing these fine prizes.

The arranging committee are quite satisfied with the tournament. We are happy to see so many players from abroad showing up, and hope to see even more next year. We are continuously working to improve the tournament, and we expect next year's event to be even better.

Stein Kulseth, Oslo Backgammon Club

Tournament Winner Jörgen Granstedt (left)