Paris Master & 
Open International Backgammon Tournament II

(Hotel Holiday Inn, Paris, February 12th-18th 2001)

Tournament Report by Harald Johanni

About 200 participants from more than 30 countries gathered at the hotel Holiday Inn in Paris for this year´s Paris Master & Open. With a winter garden to the Place de la Republique, always rich of traffic, the Holiday Inn´s restaurant with excellent fish and wine and even sometimes good life music was an ideal quietly recreation place from the hot backgammon action in the first floor.
Les salles de jeux had a non smoker room and a lot of place to gamble. All the important matches were played with chess clock and got recorded or video taped. Francois Tardieu´s organization of the tournament was absolutely professional - by the way, he runs a nice backgammon web site too ( ).

The Master´s division had 36 players and started on Monday. On Thursday Ralf Jonas from Germany had to play the Dane Morten Holm in the finals (best of three 11-point matches with chess clock). The Dane beat the top German players Johannes Levermann and Dirk Schiemann before. So maybe he had no more energy to beat another top German. Jonas won the tough Master´s final by a very good performance. On average Ralf Jonas played world class according to Snowie.

The big open had Denis Jersov from Lithuania and Jörgen Granstedt, the 1999 world champion from Sweden in the finals.
Denis Jersov lost the 21-point final at the score of 18-19 (doubled gammonish position as a favorite) by time. Denis was too slow with performing trivial actions. A pity for the Lithuanian but nevertheless, Jörgen Granstedt scored a well-deserved win by playing fast and very well (as usual).

Hope to meet you in Paris next year!

Masters Final: Ralf Jonas (left) vs. Morton Holm. Tournament photographer Mauro Cossu is the kibitzer.

Champions Final: Jörgen Granstedt (left) vs. Denis Jersov. Tournament director Francois Tardieu watches the action while Henning Frick (right) is recording the match.

Results of the Paris Masters & Open II:

Master (36):
1. Ralf Jonas (Germany) 2. Morten Holm (Denmark)
3. M. Ben-David (Israel) 3. Gustav Jacobsen (Denmark)

Championship (88+30 re-buys):
Main: 1. Jörgen Granstedt (Sweden) 2. Denis Jersov
3. George Vadiakas (Greece) 3. Mike Svobodny (USA)
Consolation: 1. Elliott Winslow (USA) 2. Mario Kühl (Germany) 3. Gyl Savoie (Canada) 3. Mads Andersen (Denmark)
Last Chance: 1. Jakov Nepomniachtcki (Russia) 2. Slava Pryadkine (Ukraine)
Lady´s Prize: Melody Rae (Hong Kong)

Intermediate (58 + 6 re-buys):
Main: 1. Damian Plesec (Slovenia) 2. Morris Mosseri (USA)
3. Marie Akerob (Switzerland) 3. Mr. Chabrol (France)
Consolation: 1. Vincent Versteeg (Netherlands) 2. Curtis Lucas (USA)
3. Chris Groutsos (Greece) 3. Mr. Manchnsky
Last Chance: 1. Gordon Markotich (Croatia) 2. Mrs. Ortak (Switzerland)
Lady´s Prize: Marie Akerob (Switzerland)

1.Dirk Schiemann & Johannes Levermann (Germany)
2. Eric Sfez & Leo (France)