Sandy Osborne Trophy
Coventry. Sept. 30 / Oct. 01

Tournament Report by Michael Crane

Main (42): When a player wins an Olympiad Gold Medal at the Mind Sports Olympiad it could be argued that "they were lucky" and that it was "a one-off" but, when they win a second consecutive tournament you have to take notice of them. So, take notice of Peter Bennet; 2000 Olympiad Gold Medallist and now 2000 Sandy Osborne Champion. I first met Peter in 1990 at the Isle of Man when I was Assistant Tournament Director to Hercules, Baron of Culcreuch. Although he knew of Biba he didn't become a member until August 1998; had he joined earlier I have no doubt he'd have had a few more Biba trophies on his mantlepiece by now.
On the Sunday when we were down to the last eight I have to confess I was supporting Peter's opponents in each round - Bill Spiers, Neil Webb, and Runner-up David Fall. Why? Nothing personal (as Peter knows) but I'd been fortunate enough to 'own' all his opponents via the auctions, but, Peter chopped them down one by one treating my potential financial gains with contempt. Next time I'm going to buy him!

The Sandy Osborne Winners

The Sandy Osborne Runner ups

Consolation (38): Women! Can't live with, can't live without them! Now, we can't play with them and win, or so it seems. Rosemary Bensley played through six rounds to win the final beating some very tough opponents including Dod Davies, John Slattery and finalist and Runner-up, David Nathan. What with Katie Scalamandre, Rachel Rhodes and now Rosemary showing us men how it's done I'm considering an 'operation' to improve my winning chances!
Last Chance (28): Having been knocked out of the Main in the 1st round, and the Consolation in the 3rd round, Roy Hollands Runner-up, Paul Barwick had to be content with winning the Last Chance. His opponent and Runner-up, Bob Young followed a similar route. New members, Mike Wignall and Ian Shaw almost made it to the finals but Paul and Bob got in their way.

Friday Knockout (15): Once again, John Slattery took home another Weekend Break prize. Even Peter Bennet (Main winner) couldn't stop him in the final. Neither could Rosemary Bensley in the 1st round - but she got her revenge later as we all know.

Suicide (32): Having failed miserably in the Main, Consolation and Last Chance I felt like committing suicide but I rallied, pulled myself together and made it into the Suicide final against Martin Barkwill; who, without dropping a point relegated me to Runner-up as he took the winners' trophy. My suicidal tendencies were offset by some neat negotiations over splitting the prize money prior to losing 3-0; much to Martin's regret! Doubles (12 teams + buy backs): Some new ones, some old ones, some rude ones. The usual stuff. 'Fast & Loose' were quickly renamed, 'Fast & Lose' after losing in the first round and then losing once again after buying back in. 'I'm Playing With Tina' became, 'I'm Playing With Tina Again' after a first round defeat and a buy back, then it became 'I'm Still Playing With Tina' as they became cocky after getting to the semi-finals. 'Me And My Teddy Tubb' soon put paid to them and in the finals 'Clitoris Allsorts' went down to 'Me And My Teddy Tubb' after an exciting final game.
During the weekend a special trophy was presented to a special player. At the British Open in London during the Mind Sports Olympiad players voted for the 'Sportsman of the Year' choosing from a selection of players chosen by myself and the trophy's contributor, Dod Davies. The person polling the most votes wasn't present and so Dod asked me to present it at the Roy Hollands Trophy as the recipient was attending but Dod wasn't. However, (being an awkward bugger) the recipient insisted on being presented with the trophy and the £100 prize by Dod himself; and so, it was presented this weekend by Dod himself to . . . Jerry Limb.

Jerry was the only one surprised by the the poll, everyone else thought it well deserved. As a tournament director I get to hear all the 'hard luck' stories from 'unlucky' players; but Jerry doesn't come out with them (well, not as often as others). More often than not he respects his opponents' wins and is the first to say 'well done.'

I asked Jerry if he thought he'd got the 'sympathy vote' due to the fact he was born without arms, a victim of thalidomide 38 years ago. He said he didn't think so and I fully agreed with him; he won it fair and square. At the risk of embarrassing him, he won it as he's a thoroughly nice guy. I doubt that many Biba members really notice his disability - they are far too engrossed in trying to beat him. A short profile of Jerry accompanies his photo after this report.

 Jerry Lim - Sportsman of the Year

Results: Sandy Osborne Trophy (42), Coventry. Sept. 30 / Oct. 01
Main: (42)
1 Peter Bennet
2 David Fall
3/4 Neil Webb
3/4 Stavros Elia
5/8 Bill Spiers
5/8 Jeremy Limb
5/8 Roy Hollands
5/8 Julian Minwalla
Consolation (38)
1 Rosemary Bensley
2 David Nathan
3/4 John Slattery
3/4 Jeremy Limb
5/8 Dod Davies
5/8 Bob Young
5/8 Tony Pryor
5/8 Julian Minwalla
Last Chance (28)
1 Paul Barwick
2 Bob Young
3/4 Ian Shaw
3/4 Mike Wignall
5/8 Robert Bush
5/8 Dave Gallagher
5/8 Mike Butterfield
5/8 Peter Christmas
Suicide (32) Open draw
1 Martin Barkwill
2 Michael Crane
3/4 Uldis Lapikens
3/4 Jeff Barber
Friday Knockout (15)

1 John Slattery
2 Peter Bennet
3/4 Andrew Sarjeant
3/4 Paul Gilbertson
Doubles (12 Teams)

1 Me And My Teddy Tubb
2 Clitoris Allsorts
3/4 Incredible Perfection
3/4 I'm Playing With Tina