Townharbour Trophy
 November 2001

Report by Michael Crane

Townharbour Trophy Winner
Mardi Ohannessian

Main (66)

Not a bad turnout for the final Swiss format of the year. It would have been one more but Tony Fawcett was stuck in a traffic jam on the M25 for four hours and didn’t arrive until almost 4:45 Saturday afternoon!

It was an uneventful tournament (thank goodness – I’m more than happy with uneventful tournaments) and in went smoothly into the Sunday with eight players, thus guaranteeing a six-round tournament.
2001 TT Results

Pos   Name   Wins
001 Mardi Ohannessian 6
002 Graham Brittain 5
003 Mike Grabsky 5
004 David Gallagher 5
004 Lawrence Powell 5
006 Jacek Brzezinski 5
006 Steve Pickard 5
008 Mark Lemon 4
009 Simon Macbeth 4
010 Mark McCluskey 4
010 Matthew Fisher 4
012 Jyesn Qwt 4
012 Tim Mooring 4
012 Bob Young 4
012 John Clark 4
016 Kerry Jackson 4
016 Hubert De L'Epine 4
018 Rachel Rhodes 4
018 Kevin Stebbing 4
020 Harry Bhatia 4
021 Peter Wilson 4
022 Stuart Parmley 4
023 Stuart Mann 3
024 Bob Parmley 3
024 John Slattery 3
026 Elliot Smart 3
026 Phil Caudwell 3
028 Uldis Lapikens 3
028 Peter Christmas 3
028 Peter Bennet 3
028 Rodney Lighton 3
032 Arthur Williams 3
033 Ian Tarr 3
033 Paul Christmas 3
035 Jeff Barber 3
036 Jerry Smith 3
036 Daphne Smith 3
036 Kevin Berry 3
036 Helen Helm-Sagar 3
040 John Renicks 3
040 Roy Hollands 3
040 James Hatt 3
040 Rosemary Bensley 3
044 Rob Dean 2
045 Paul Barwick 2
045 Martin Blindell 2
047 Don Hatt 2
047 David Startin 2
049 John Thomas 2
049 Paul Sambell 2
051 Jeff Ellis 2
052 Wayne Felton 2
052 David Nathan 2
054 Kevin Williams 2
055 David Fall 2
056 Malcolm Hey 2
057 Martin Hemming 1
058 James Evans 1
059 Mike Wignall 1
060 Kevin Carter 1
061 Charlie Hetherington 1
062 John Samuel 1
063 Helen Dean 1
064 Ernie Pick 0
065 Julian Fetterlein 2*
066 Emmanuel Di Bona 0*

Friday KO (16)
1 David Nathan
2 Peter Bennet
3/4 Paul Sambell
3/4 Tim Cross

Doubles (16)
1 R Swyper
2 By Royal Appointment
3/4 Help! Randy Cow Near
3/4 Thelma & Louise
One of the most exciting matches to watch was the 5th-round match between Graham Brittain and Dave Gallagher. It was a battle all the way and would have been a great one to record. Graham emerged, shell-shocked, but victorious, Dave just emerged shell-shocked!

Graham’s victory got him into the Final against Mardi Ohannessian. Graham, on a high after win over Dave just couldn’t sustain the momentum and Mardi went on the win his first Main tournament this year and secure a free entry into the UK Finals – which he won last year. As well as the usual prizes Mardi also went home with £100 kindly donated by the sponsor, Tim Cross. Tim has been neglecting his backgammon this year to concentrate on a new passion; golf. By all accounts he’s pretty good too.

Jacek Brzezinski went home after finishing his six rounds not knowing that eh had secured the Top Intermediate Trophy. Well done, Jacek.

Townharbour Trophy Runner up
Graham Brittain

Friday KO (16)

It could have been 17 but I dropped out to level it off and to save the extra round. David Nathan beat Peter Bennet and thus won his third weekend break and depriving Peter of his first.

Doubles (16)

One of the best names I’ve heard of won the best name this weekend, Bloticelli. An artistic name with flair and grace – unlike the team it represented! Another worth a mention is, Help! Randy Cow Near which was a clever anagram of the members names. In the final, R Swyper wiped the floor with By Royal Appointment.

2001 – The Championships

Well, that’s another season over with, and once again we have the winners and the losers for 2001. Overall both the Ranking and the Grand Prix Championships have been hard fought (well most of the time). But, one player dominates at the moment, Paul Lamford

Biba Grand Prix Championship

As expected, Paul Lamford romped home with a commanding lead over his nearest rival, Helen Helm-Sagar. Last years’ 1st and 2nd, John Slattery and Peter Bennet were well down the field in 17th and 12th respectively. Helen did very well to hang onto 2nd place with just a one point ahead of joint 3rd, Mardi Ohannessian and John Clark.

Ranking Championship

Always a close one, this. Not only is it a measure of how well you played but also of whom you played. Generally, if you go far in the 11-pointers and meet higher ranked players each time you’ll do well. An exception to this is being the highest ranked player – then everyone you meet is always lower than you. This was the case with Paul Lamford, but, thanks to a lot of victories he rightfully emerged the winner . . . but by a very small margin. He was just 2.44 points ahead of Jeff Barber. This is Jeff’s second year in a row in second place, if he’d won just one more match during the Townharbour Trophy he’d have clinched first place. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, eh, Jeff?

Although not an official championship, the Active Ranking list is topped by Paul Lamford with a fantastic year end ranking of 1948 (one more point and it’d be my birth-year!). Brian Lever (1879) held on to second place but Mardi (1868) made a last minute leap into 3rd place.

So, there it is for another year. All being well, (and all being present) I shall be awarding the trophies and prizes at the Bright ‘n’ Breezy in January.